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Maintenance Services

 Message From The Owner

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep RVs running smoothly and in good condition, that prevent unnecessary and possibly high costly on repairs. Personal RV owners can take advantage of our Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program. Our Company Programs and Customized Maintenance Programs are specifically designed to reduce unnecessary costs in repairs, unlike many other RV service departments (dealers, etc.), our mobile service department is staffed with technicians trained in diagnosis and repair along with a host of other repairs and inspections that your RV needs to be in top condition, Trust the trained professional’s technician of AVAA Certified Mobile RV Service.  and Remember!! we always came to you location, contact us today to learn more about our maintenance programs or to schedule service. 

We look forward to serving you!

Alain Lam

   Water System Checks 
Perform every 6-12 months depending on use

  1. Test Water System For Leaks(add pressure to the system) NOTE: very important.

  2. Inspect Water Heater relief pressure valve operation

  3. Test and Inspect All Faucets/ Showers

  4. Test Water Pump 

  5. Clean the pump electrical connections.

            Battery Service

                       Perform every 12 months

  1. Clean terminals/ posts

  2. Load Test applied to batteries to reveal their condition

  3. Clean Battery tray

  4. Check and top off Electrolytes(acid open battery)

  5. Add dielectric grease to the boranes terminals to prevent any corrosion.

  6. Check and clean if need it all the grounds con

De-winterization Packages 
                      Perform as needed

We offer winterization and de-winterization packages to protect your RV’s waterlines, faucets, showers, water tanks, and water heater.

Electrical Inspection Service

     Perform every 6-12 months depending on use

    *Requires 120vac source and house 12vdc*

  1. Test all outlets

  2. Check GFCI outlets

  3. Inspect breakers and wire connections in power distribution panel (tighten per torque specs)

  4. Inspect inverter Connections, (if applicable)

  5. Check 120Vac appliances

  6. Inspect converter connections and test

  7. Check 12vdc fuses in power distribution panel

  8. Check light fixtures and switches for operation

              AC Service
                    Perform every 12 months

  1. Visual Inspection

  2. Removal of shroud

  3. Clean and Inspect Coils

  4. Test Capacitors and Compressor

  5. Replace AC Filter

·      Optimize AC duct vents

    RV Generator Service.

       Gas Gen and Diesel Gen.

  1. Test all the electrical connection and cleaned if need it 

  2. Chage oil and oil filter

  3. Change (diesel or Gas ) fuel filter.

  4. ( In Gas aplication the spark plugs were changed) 

  5. Check belts and replace if need it.


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      RV Orientation Service
              Recommended for new RV owners

  1. We will teach you how to operate and properly use all RV systems both interior and exterior.

        Appliance Service

    Perform every 6-12 months depending on use

  1. Check operation of water heater on LP/Electric

  2. Check operation of refrigerator and coil airflow

  3. Visual inspection of roof top ac unit(s)

  4. Replace AC filter

  5. Check stove operation

  6. Check furnace operation

        Hydraulic Leveling
        Jack Maintenance

  1.   Add dry silicon to jack piston for better movement.

  2.   Check  the hydraulic fluid levels (add if need it)

  3.   Check, clean and apply anti-corrosive dielectric grease to electrical connections of motor pump and solenoids.

  4.   Check the retract spring condition if they use it

                         Perform as needed

We will drain water lines, fresh water tanks, and water heaters. Also, we will winterize your RV to prevent plumbing damages in winter conditions.

     Roof Inspection Service

                        Perform every 6 months

  1. Visual inspection of roof membrane, sealants, gutter, awning rails, and roof fixtures. 

  2. Removal of old sealant and re-sealing

  3. *Note: If removal and re-sealing time goes over 1 hour then time will be billed accordingly.*


The price will be given on the spot depending on the upgrade.

  1. On-site upgrades such as Air Conditioner Soft Starts, Satellite Antennas, Fantastic Vent Fans, Refrigerator Cooling Fans, etc. 

Sanitization of Fresh Water System 
                 Perform every  6-12 months

  1. Sanitize Water Heater With Vinegar Solution

  2. Sanitize Fresh Water Plumbing With Bleach Solution

  3. Includes Water System Check Service

  4. Requires A Second Visit 12-24 Hours Later to Flush Water System

  5. *Price includes second visit

 LP System Inspection Service

                         Perform every 12 months

  1. Perform LP Drop Pressure Test

  2. Check for LP Leaks

  3. Test/ Inspect stove

  4. Test/ Inspect Furnace

  5. Test/ Inspect Water Heater

  6. Test/ Inspect Regulators

  7. Inspect tank connection(s)

  8. inspect the gas pressure and adjust if it need it. 

NOTE:  The annual maintenance package is also provided by AVAA, which includes all annual and semi-annual services that RVs require depending on their type. This is created for customers who request this complete service, which includes, the Maintenance and General Condition Report of your RV, this is included with the annual maintenance package that is good to have for your records, this Report contains photos and recommendations to keep your RV in optimal condition conditions avoiding surprises that may occur on the way to your vacation.

This service has different prices depending on the type and size of your RV.

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