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                                 OUR FIRST HOUR RATE: $150

The first hour rate starts once we arrive at your location and the work begins. The rate is $150 per hour for one (1)RVTAA/NRVTA Certified RV Service Tech and mobile on-site shop. 

         Do not confuse the "first hour rate" with a "second or daily hourly rate" – they are not the same thing. We charge a standard flat-rate per task based upon an industry standard guidebook and not by time spent on the task. For example, if the work to be done takes more than an hour, such as changing a refrigerator, or air conditioner, the rate would change to $120 per hour after the first hour.This is the same method a mechanic shop or RV repair shop (Dealer) would use to charge you.

                          TRIP FEE: $2.25 PER MILE ($50 MIN)

We charge an on-site service fee for our trip to you. The rate is $2.25 per mile plus any tolls. The minimum on-site trip fee is $50. We only charge for the trip to you not the return trip. The farther we have to travel, the more the cost will be.

Each service call is charged an on-site trip fee even if we are already in the same RV park or area.

We use Google Maps for the mileage calculations and the following address for the starting point:

Please Contact Us for more information. 


                                                     305 608 9297

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